THE LOOTING OF SOCIAL SECURITY: New release of the book "they didn't want you to read! 
by Allen Smith 

This is a new release of a book that was censored and pulled from the market in 2004 because it exposed the government’s ongoing misuse of Social Security funds. During an appearance on CNBC morning news, to respond to Alan Greenspan’s call for cuts in Social Security benefits, the author held the book in front of the camera and said, “Alan Greenspan should be ashamed of himself for what he is not telling the American people,” which did not set well with the Bush administration. Also, the AARP was opposed to the publication of this book. The author received a personal letter from AARP CEO, William Novelli, scolding him for daring to publicize the looting of Social Security. Novelli did not deny that the looting was taking place, but he was opposed to any action that would inform the public of the looting. There were many individuals, organizations, and government agencies that did not want the public to read this book, and a few months after the book’s release, the book mysteriously disappeared from bookstores throughout the nation, and was listed as “unavailable” by The publisher refused to revert the publishing rights to the book back to the author for a period of three years, so the author’s voice was effectively silenced during the Bush privatization campaign.

For the past 25 years, the government has been diverting surplus Social Security revenue into the general fund and using it to fund tax cuts, wars, and other government programs. Every cent of the $2.6 trillion in surplus revenue, generated by the 1983 payroll tax hike, has been spent by the government on other programs, leaving the Social Security trust fund empty. Smith believes that the looting of Social Security is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people by their government, and he believes that, when the whole story comes out, it will result in a national scandal that will make Watergate pale by comparison. Every American needs to read this shocking book, which reveals government actions that are both a betrayal of the public trust and a violation of federal law.

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