The Legend of the Red Ghost - Free Kindle Fiction

The Legend of the Red Ghost (Spirit of Adventure)
by Michael Williams 

The Legend of the Red Ghost is inspired by actual events as told by 16-year-old Kip Young.

Kip craves adventure and an escape from the uneventful life in a frontier boom town. Kip's life is anything but idyllic. His younger brother, Charlie, suffers a congenital heart defect that threatens his life.

One evening, a strange creature appears in the countryside terrorizing the townsfolk. It was described as running on four legs and covered with red fur. Most ominous of all was the spectral rider that sat on its back. Witnesses described a human skeleton that brandished a sword.

Some townsfolk speculated the monster was one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, a beast from the final days.

Charlie soon becomes convinced the monster is the incarnation of Death itself. Charlie overhears several townsfolk discussing the monster. They refer to it as one of the seven horsemen of the Apocalypse. Others refer to it as the devil's stead. A tribe of Hopi in the region label the creature "The Red Ghost." Certain he is going to die, Charlie becomes depressed.

Kip decides to track down the creature to discover its true origin and protect his brother.
The story is told through the eyes of the 16-year-old Kip. the Legend of the Red Ghost is the first in a series of books that follow the life of Kip as he grows to manhood and travels the world experiencing many wonderful adventures.

Kip later traveled to Alaska where he took part in the Alaskan Gold Rush and encountered a ghost ship.
He was in England during World War I and took part in the hunt for the Red Baron.

He battled Pirates in the Middle East, and helped hunt down a Wild West outlaw, Kip became a journalist and traveled the world covering historical events as they occurred.

The series is an action packed rip-roaring adventure series with strong Christian values. The series is suitable for young adult readers.

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