The Journey of Rin - Awakening by M.D. Hall - Featured Book

The Journey of Rin - Awakening

by M.D. Hall 

Having escaped from the Te, Rin wakes with no recent memory, and in thrall to a species - the Khitine - who would use her to escape an approaching cataclysm. 

In order to save her people, she must form alliances, and do what is anathema to her race. To make matters a little harder, she only has two months before every living thing on the planet dies.

The Journey of Rin - Awakening Reviews

A good story needs to pull you into its 'web' within a few pages and this does just that: the words spin their magic and you enter this strange world a safe observer, or should I say as a fly on the wall!  - HAL 2013

Alien spiders have devious plans to seek revenge on their old adversary the Te using other alien species to achieve their goal at any cost. The story quickly unfolds and the spiders initial control and supposed superiority over others is to be seriously tested and surprisingly turned on its head. I eagerly await further encounters. - Bearded Fish

Well paced and enjoyable adventure, refreshingly non-human centric. A great sci-fi romp that leaves promise for any further books in the series. - Miri

Meet M.D. Hall

M.D. Hall is a British writer, primarily focused on suffusing stories of subterfuge, mystery and political espionage with elements of science fiction. 'The Alpha Choice' is his debut novel and took seven years to write. Since completion of this first book, he has meticulously planned the follow up volumes to 'The Te'an Trilogy'. Volume 2: 'The Omega Shift' will be out in Summer 2014, while volume 3: 'Infinity's End' is set for release in Summer 2015.

He has just published a novella: The Journey of Rin - Awakening.
Awakening is the first in the Journey series. The last will link with the third in the Te'an Trilogy (Infinity's End), so watch this space.

He lives with his wife and has one grown-up daughter, continuing to balance his writing with his work. In common with The Alpha Choice's Hugo Black, he has practiced for many years as a lawyer - though the only resemblance between creation and author is that they both wear suits to work, and drive cars.

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