The Isis Stone - Free Kindle Fiction

The Isis Stone (The Lost Goddess)
by Alasdair Grant 

Lost. Mistaken for a goddess. Trapped in a mythical world.

Brooke Caldwell is no stranger to Egypt’s mythology. Her Egyptologist father raised her on bedtime stories from the Book of the Dead. But the discovery of a 5th dynasty corpse that could pass for her twin leads to perils she never imagined.

Thrust into Egypt’s underworld by a mysterious stone amulet, Brooke is mistaken for the Duat’s lost queen, Isis. Brooke just wants to go home, but the Duat's immortal rulers have other plans for their Isis look-alike.

The annoying, yet intriguingly attractive, Osiris has information that can help her. Unfortunately, he's a foggy dream from Isis's borrowed memories. A handful of the underworld’s lowliest citizens have bravely befriended her, but they're as mortal and vulnerable as she is.

To return to her own world, Brooke must release Isis's trapped memories from a magical tyet stone. This, however, is easier said than done. Only one person - the ancient and mysterious Wadjet - knows how to undo the spells that bind the amulet. And she resides across an impassable lake of fire in a forest of death.

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