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The Guild of Fallen Clowns
by Francis Xavier 

The Haunted Labyrinth of Mirrors was just your average walk-through carnival attraction to most of its visitors. However, for Alan, lurking behind the surface of the mirrored walls was the home of Peepers, the ghoulishly creepy clown spirit and leader of the Guild of Fallen Clowns. In the darkness behind the thin reflective coating, deception tugs at his immortal soul as Peepers preys on Alan’s desire to rid his life of fear and cowardice.

Skeptical of his decision to aid Peepers and the Guild by giving them a second chance to earn the light on the living side of the mirrors, Alan struggles to find direction and the strength needed to conquer his demons.

Can he unwind the handle and put Jack back in the box? Or will the influence of Peepers pull his weakened spirit through the reflections and into the realm of the damned?

If you enjoy:
• Suspense-filled horror stories of the paranormal kind,
• Peering deep into the darkness of the human psyche,
• Hidden turmoil behind the masks of creepy clown spirits,
• Laugh out loud one-liners and visual images that can only come from an awkward courtship between loners in a setting filled with clowns and carnies…

Then step right up and buy your ticket for this bumpy thrill ride into the minds of Alan, Boogy, Cracky, The Ringmaster, Spanky, Mary, Peepers, and many more in this cast of unusual characters, unpredictable directions and jaw-dropping twists and turns.

Keep your eyes open because it's about to get freaky!

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The Guild of Fallen Clowns - Free Kindle Fiction The Guild of Fallen Clowns - Free Kindle Fiction Reviewed by Bradi Conner on 8:00 AM Rating: 5

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