The Forbidden Promise - Free Kindle Fiction

The Forbidden Promise
by Helena Rose

Lucas Navarra y Reyes, determined eldest son of one of the most prestigious families in Mexico, grows up among the slums of the port after being disinherited by his father.

He is shaped by the harshness of poverty and his heart embittered by the difficulties of life. The women he meets on his journey do not remain indifferent to his proud character and his masculinity.
Aurora Vargas de Coronado, a fresh, disarming beauty, has as her sole purpose in life to study to become a doctor like her father. She must however, come to terms with the custom of the period that want women relegated to the role of the perfect wife, mother and homemaker.

Marisol, Aurora’s beautiful cousin, rich and charming, that with her refined manner and her beguiling looks, is the object of desire of many of the city’s men.

Federico, Lucas’ stepbrother, unrepentant and dissolute, lives with all the comforts that his name and his position permit him to.

Set against the backdrop of Mexico at the end of 1800, in the period of peace and turmoil leading up to the Mexican Revolution, the rivalry between families and the unexpected, intertwine the destiny of a man and a woman that with the power of passion will sign a forbidden pact to rebel against the predefined roles that have been assigned to them by fate.

Only rebel hearts know how to break the chains of prejudice and ignite a passion…

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