The Expat Guide to Visas For The Philippines - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

The Expat Guide to Visas For The Philippines
by Gary McMurrain 

Why You Should Read This Book

When writing my book, I wrote it the way I would enjoy reading it if I needed accurate information about all the different Philippine visas. You will not need a background in immigration law to understand my book! Yes, I had you in mind!

To help make a smooth visit for you to go to your nearest Bureau of Immigration office in the Philippines or to the nearest Philippine Consulate/Embassy in your home country, I have written about the documentary requirements for the Philippine visas. This will not only save you precious time and money, but it will help expedite the filing for your visa and its approval without it being kicked back to you for being incomplete!

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Far Too Much Bad Information About Expat Visas for the Philippines

Many forums and groups about the Philippines are full of guys who want to be king of the hill and are wannabe experts regarding the Philippines. If some of these so-called experts do not know the answer to your questions about visas, they will make up the answer! There is not one day that goes by that I do not see a persons questions about Philippine visas and immigration answered incorrectly by those who think they know it all.

Get The Very Latest Information for Expats

Since my first experience with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration way back in 1986, there have been many positive changes over the years, and I keep up with the changes as they occur. Two of my Filipina friends are great in passing on new visa and immigration policy changes. One is an attorney who specializes in Philippine immigration law, and the other is one of the officers in the actual Philippine Bureau of Immigration.

Several new Philippine visas have been made available for expats, and other visas have been improved with new rules, making it much easier these days for those interested in retiring to the Philippines or living here long term.

Accurate Information on Philippine Visas

More and more people are considering retiring to the Philippines, and many are not aware of the complete range of visa options that are currently available.

There is also plenty of bad information floating around the Internet on websites, blogs and in various media groups. I know because I have seen such erroneous information firsthand. I have personally witnessed those who are inquiring about visas in the Philippines being led astray by others who are just plain wrong!

By thinking it is impossible for them to legally live in the Philippines with a valid visa, some needlessly dashed their hopes of ever retiring to the Philippines! This is really sad and a downright shame that due to misinformation, these people are missing out on living in one of the most trending retiree destinations in the world.

Philippine Visa Options For Everyone

I wrote this book because I want to set the record straight. You are not required to be married to a Philippine citizen to receive a visa to live in the Philippines. I wrote this book to put the latest, most accurate and up-to-date information in one expat guide so that you will know which visa is best for you in your particular situation. With my book, it is complete! You will not be required to buy an individual book about each Philippine visa to learn about them all.

Therefore, my book is actually seven books in one! This not only saves you money, but you will have one complete book to guide you concerning your decision in obtaining the best Philippine visa for you.

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