The Essential Guide to Green Smoothies - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

The Essential Guide to Green Smoothies
by Katie-Rose Meehan

The Green Smoothie Revolution is here and super health and nutrition is about to get much easier! People everywhere are discovering the power of green smoothies to improve their health, energy and even mood. Now it’s your turn to learn the secret and radically transform your health!

This book will supply you with all you need to know so that you will be able to make green smoothies that taste fantastic and supply you with the nutrition that your body really needs.

Included are lots of recipes for you to try so you can start making delicious and super nutritious smoothies at home in just minutes.

You will be amazed at how scrumptious the path to health can be!

You will not only learn about how to make smoothies with greens like kale, dandelion and baby spinach but also all kinds of delicious superfood ingredients like raw chocolate, goji berries, spirulina and bee pollen.

I will also show you lots of incredible extras like how to add an extra dose of healing magic by using cooled medicinal herbal teas as the base for your smoothies and how to add even more nutrition and delicious taste with home made raw almond mylk (nut mylks are spelled differently from dairy milk).

This book will also introduce you to some fantastic wild edible greens that are probably growing in your garden right now that you can add to your smoothies to supercharge your health and re-connect you with the wild-ness of nature, even in the heart of the city.

There are over forty green smoothie recipes in this book that are so delicious that they are loved by people of all ages, including children. So if you have trouble getting your kids to eat greens this is the book for you!

Green smoothies are so simple and quick to make that they will actually save you time in the kitchen!

I promise it will be easy. All you need is a blender and you are on your way to health and happiness…!

Here are just some of the wonderful benefits that Green Smoothies can bring to you:

Increase energy
Reduce or eliminate cravings for junk food
Weight loss
Improve mental clarity
Defy aging and reduce wrinkles
Improve hair, skin and nails
Alleviate depression
Remove toxins from the body
Balance blood pressure
May assist in defence and recovery from cancer and other major health conditions
High in fibre
Rich in chlorophyll and antioxidants
Boost the immune system
Increase digestive efficiency
Reduce acne
Reduce cravings for coffee and caffeine

The Essential Guide to Green Smoothies not only a complete guide to all aspects of green smoothies but also incorporates The Green Smoothie Challenge.

The Green Smoothie Challenge is the perfect way to introduce green smoothies into your lifestyle and kick start your journey to radical health and nutrition.

I guide you through the twenty one day challenge from start to finish, answer the most frequently asked questions, help you easily deal with any mild detoxification symptoms that may arise and make sure you are armed with all the tools you need to easily integrate green smoothies into your diet.

It's time to revolutionise your health, one green smoothie at a time!

Let's get started!

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