The Easiest Meditation Ever - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

The Easiest Meditation Ever: A Simple Form of Meditation That Anyone Can Do
by Drew Michaels

Discover how simple and easy meditation can really be.

There's no doubt about it. Learning to meditate effectively is a practice that takes even the most serious students years of dedicated effort to accomplish.
The problem they face is that they struggle to empty their minds of all thoughts, experience difficulty focusing, and as a result, fail to achieve a higher level of being. The most common cause of this problem stems from a lack of concentration, along with little guidance on how to handle it. But recent developments have revealed a style of meditation that completely circumvents this dilemma.
A flawless method for overcoming the most common frustrations experienced with meditation is now available.

The practice of meditation is actually a lot more straightforward than you have been led to believe.
Most don’t realize that meditation actually has a level of ease and simplicity built right into it. And by putting attention on the most productive aspects of the meditation process, even a relative newcomer will quickly find success and improve their focus. All one needs to do is apply a simple shift in their approach and discover the best way to take advantage of this less complicated method. In answer to this, author Drew Michaels takes readers on a clear path to meditating easily and effectively -- one designed to cut straight through obstacles that most meditation students face.
Michaels provides a unique pairing of literary styles in order to communicate these key lessons.
Part exploration of human psychology and part how-to instruction, this book offers wisdom on dealing with typical blocks most people encounter that prevent them from maintaining a consistent habit of meditation. These tips are written with the goal of aiding both the beginner and advanced student alike, and they specifically detail the best ways to focus successfully regardless of any unwelcome distractions – all from someone who’s faced and overcome these same challenges himself.

Favoring a simple approach, the author includes to-the-point guidance on the various hurdles one might deal with when learning to meditate effectively, as well as the reasons people experience these blocks in their focus to begin with.

Those who have had difficulty focusing and clearing their mind in the past are using this technique to transcend those challenges and achieve a greater sense of well being.

The Easiest Meditation Ever challenges conventional wisdom and dares the reader to pursue a more efficient way of meditating. Offering a detailed yet to-the-point account of how to create a consistent habit of practicing meditation, the book includes suggestions that readers can use to modify the meditation to suit their own specific needs, as well as a way to incorporate their goals into the practice without reducing the impact of the meditation itself.
In this brief volume, written to inspire readers to take action and begin meditating effectively right away, the author delivers his points quickly enough to make them clear, but then immediately moves on to how the reader can successfully meditate on their own. Rather than being a long detailed book on meditation theory, it’s written as a concise instruction manual for meditating as quickly, simply, and easily as possible.

Highlights include:

  • A brief exploration of why people make meditation harder than it has to be
  • A new perspective on how to make meditation easy, including how to ‘allow’ success to emerge
  • A simple trick for building meditation into your daily routine
  • Clear and direct instructions on how to use the author’s technique for meditation
  • The author’s own personal version of the meditation that he uses daily in his own life, included for those who might need this extra guidance

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