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The Dust - Book One [Bloodlust] 
by David H. Sharp

As the volcanic ash cloud spews into the atmosphere the dust claws its way across northern Europe grinding the air industry to a halt. As the particles clog the machinery the wind turbines stop turning and the haulage companies, fearing the worst, cease to use their trucks. Petrol stations run dry and shops become empty; within two weeks a shattered Britain is on her knees.

Jake Meadows, working for the oil industry, is sent to Scotland to investigate but soon becomes marooned. He wakes one morning from a deep sleep to find a world where civilisation has been destroyed. The dead lie festering and unburied, basic amenities are a thing of the past. Jake now has one aim in life - to get back to his daughter Amber, who is staying with his parents in South Wales.

On a journey where he will come across pockets of survivors in a land devoid of law and order the path is a perilous one. A new danger has also risen from the poisonous dust, an infected body of mutated humans marauding their way across the country, intent on destruction and bloodlust.

A chilling post-apocalyptic horror novel, Bloodlust is book one of David H Sharp’s exciting new series, The Dust.

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