The Bible Cure For Anxiety - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

The Bible Cure For Anxiety
by Henry Matlock

The Bible Cure for Anxiety: Ancient Answers for Stress Management and Anxiety Relief

Millions suffer from anxiety

Are you one of the millions of anxiety sufferers? This condition is experienced by nearly everyone, but for some it can become a disorder. So often, our minds are burdened with stress and anxiety over the following areas:

our health

our job security

our financial state

our relationships

our self-worth

There are many triggers in our world that can cause anxiety in your life, but you don’t have to let it. Except for a few medical conditions, much of our anxiety is self-imposed. Which means there is a way we can cure it.

There is a Bible cure for anxiety

The Bible Cure for Anxiety guides you on a path to rid yourself of this unwanted feeling, using the words of the New Testament and how to apply them to your life. Both practical and inspiring, The Bible Cure for Anxiety unlocks the meaning to key passages in the fourth chapter of the Book of Philippians to reveal how we can overcome this relentless tormentor. These scriptures help us filter our minds from the destructive crud of the world.

So take a minute and change the filter. The engines of your thought life will run smoother, and your soul will enjoy a consistent, lasting peace. If you’re ready to stop feeling anxiety, seek a better answer and invite peace to your mind.

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