The 5 Minute Researcher - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

The 5 Minute Researcher: Doing better research is steps away
by Sammy Jarauvik

What makes someone a successful researcher?
What makes a researcher tick?
How to be a good PhD student?
I am doing my dissertation for my master’s degree, what to do?
Is research my cup of coffee?
Can I be a good research student?

These are questions loaded with intensity and these questions matter! For any researcher these are some of the myriad of questions that need to be addressed to have a satisfactory period in research.

This book is a preliminary attempt that will be useful to students undertaking research of any kind. This is a book that is intended to give a student or researcher some simple yet profound do(s) and don’t(s) in undertaking research. This book is filled with 99 tiny chapters, each of which would take less than 5 minutes to read; thus the name ‘The 5 Minute Researcher’

People in research, be it a small dissertation or a full time doctoral work, find time a scarce commodity and will be required to invest a lot of their time in to their work. This book respects this fact and with short chapters of less than 5 minutes of reading time researchers of any kind can give a reading without worrying about time. You can read a chapter in between your experiments e.g. incubation times. You can read one or more chapters as you wait for your glass wares to be autoclaved. You can sit down with a cup of coffee and this book during your break time. You can quickly glance through a chapter before you meet your supervisor.

I would have loved to have such a guide of simple do(s) and don’t(s) before I started my research career almost a decade ago. At that time I did get some haphazard view of how to be a good researcher but none gave me a tangible list that I could refer to when required...A list that I could have looked at when I needed some guidance...A list that would have helped me keep a check on my progress. After many years in the field of research, to compile these insights in to black and white only seems more relevant; so any seeking mind in research (be it biological sciences, physical sciences, social sciences or any other field) need not fumble around trying to figure out these basic how to(s). Students can kick-start the change that they want in their research as all these points have come out of the personal experiences of many researchers.

You might not find great literary style in the chapters, but the content is needed and so has been kept simple. With my limited knowledge in the English language, I have not found a common singular word to indicate masculine and feminine attributes, so I am forced to use words like ‘he’, ‘his’, ‘him’ etc. This does not in any way indicate any preference towards a particular gender. It is for the ease of writing that I have resorted to the use of these words. I have also shared some of my experiences in this book just to help me articulate the thoughts in a better way; never is it indicated anywhere that I have perfected all that is written inside. I too am in the learning curve. As much as I would like to avoid the word ‘I’, I end up using it (even in this very sentence). May be I should learn to use the English language even better. So my apologies for these potential distractants!

Though it might be tempting to infer that this book is for only for students doing their research towards a PhD degree, it would be good to note that most of the points discussed are common to any student doing any research and related work.

This book however is not intended to guide you in your specific subjects of research, but will help you get around the common and general issues in research quicker and easier. This book will help you improve your research etiquette. This book will tell you many things that most students are either unaware of or often overlook. There might be some points that you already know. If so – Congratulations! There might also be some newer insights which you are welcome to try.

This book will make you a better researcher!

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