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Sometimes Never (A Collection of Novellas and Short Stories)
by Martin Marriott


Two years after the serial killer dubbed Kimberley Killer butchered thirteen people. The citizens of the Lake District town of Kendal finally feel safe again, even though Kimberley Killer was never captured.
But it's a case that still haunts Detective Inspector Jonathan Cain and remains the only case he hasn't solved.
Cain is set for the island of Menorca to visit his brother and family when he receives a phone call from his partner DS Lucy Able. A body has been found in Serpentine Woods and it has all the marks of a Kimberley Killer murder.
After two years away has Kimberley Killer really come back and why? Detective Cain has promised this time he will catch her once and for all.


Thirty seven years after his brothers disappearance, Lyle Calvert has returned to his childhood home of Reigny. He has come home because two teenagers have gone missing at the infamous cove by the shore of Lake Reigny called Garrett's Point.
Lyle knows who is taking the teenagers and why.It is the same person who took his brother back on that hot summers day in 1976. But all are not pleased to see Lyle back in Reigny. They hold him responsible for his younger brothers disappearance and accused him of murder. But after nearly forty years away Lyle aims to clear his name once and for all.


My name is Ralph Farson and I've just murdered my parents. Well, I wouldn't say murdered as much as ending their lives for their own sake. They became flesh eating zombies.
The thing is I'm pretty small for a fourteen year old boy and trying to survive in a world full of crazy, flesh eating zombies is no mean feat.
I left my home town of Bergen Grange in search of a safe haven where I hoped to find fellow survivors. I was heading north to a town called Spring Meadows. But then a change came to my plans.
I met a man called Derek Lovett....


Manchester, England, 1962
After the death of her father, fourteen year old Hattie Brown begins to have a recurring dream of a strange and mysterious oak tree. Built into the trunk is a red door with a golden door knob and a lion head door knocker. The dream ends with the door opening to reveal a blinding white light that Hattie walks into. Hattie also begins to have dreams of a far away world called Gondlewitz. What do the dreams mean and what makes Hattie so special?

Hattie's uncle, Terry Stapleton has just been released early from Bardsea Prison for his part in a bank robbery. Terry is glad to finally taste freedom but he has a score to settle. Who grassed him up to the police for his part in the robbery? Terry is determined to find out if its the last thing he does.


Tim Collingwood hasn't got many friends, no girlfriend and not much motivation in life. His mother is sick of him moping around.It's been two years since his father died and Tim still hasn't come to term with the loss.
Tim's mother decides its time that he had a holiday. Tim's flat mate and the love of his life tells him the same thing. Tim has loved Samantha Greening since he first set eyes on her. The downside? Samantha only wants a platonic relationship.
Samantha picks out the ideal holiday for Tim.A walking holiday in The Lake District. Tim wanted sun and sand not dull and dreary rain. But Tim relents and does as he is told.
On the final day of his holiday he meets a tramp called Gerry O' Donnell who will change his life forever.

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