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Slimming Down and Loving It!: 3 Steps to Reboot Your Mind and Reshape Your Body (CALMNESS SERIES) 
by Inessa Zaleski

Tired of fad diets, pills, and exercise equipment that promise miraculous weight loss and a new you in thirty days or less? Tired of empty promises and books that simply fail to deliver the goods? Most of all, are you truly ready to tackle the truths behind why you may be unhappy with your weight, your overall physical health, and appearance? If this describes you, then Dr. Inessa’s approach to reprogramming from the inside to reshape your outside is perhaps the single best purchase you will make. It’s true.

Finally, in a world full of weight-loss gimmicks that fail to deliver, a straightforward, simple strategy that really works.

In practical, easy to understand terminology, Dr. Inessa guides her readers through an approach that literally reboots the mind and emotions to desire the things that will promote health, well-being, and weight loss. The results are undeniable. In less than a month, Dr. Inessa’s clients enjoy smaller sizes, reduced weight, and increased self-esteem. By equipping her readers to enter into a state of deep relaxation, Dr. Inessa empowers them to access their inner calmness—something most weight loss programs don’t even consider—thereby enabling readers to regain control of their eating. This approach is something a diet-pill or treadmill alone just cannot do. Once readers have embarked on this calming journey, Dr. Inessa guides them through a journaling process where readers explore their unhealthy eating triggers. After identifying these areas, Dr. Inessa takes the readers through other scripts that specifically target these identified areas of weakness. Finally, the book targets the readers’ thought life, one of the greatest enemies of weight loss, by integrating a script that includes a thorough list of mental-mantras to help readers maintain healthy choices.

Ultimately, Dr. Inessa’s book offers you simple, straightforward, guided scripts that will reprogram, restart, and refresh your entire mindset when it comes to food and health. In quick, easy-to-read, language, you will have within your power the ability to start an inward journey with fast, guaranteed results for the long-haul. While starting the program is simple and easy, the results are ones that will increase exponentially over time giving you much more than a quick fix. You hold within your hands the potential for lifetime, weight loss success and maintenance. And the undeniable results of that type of inner calmness are simply beautiful . . . within and without.

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