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SKIRTS: How To Dress For The Revolution
by Dov Ivry 


We got peckers and they ain’t.

They got boobs and we ain’t.

We straight, they curvey.

They small, we big.

They weak, we strong.

We hairy, they smoothie.

How is possible that it sez here that in the future men will dress like women?

Everyone in skirts.

I explain the convoluted background for this conclusion in a by-all-means scholarly tome that runs 613 pages entitled: “A Guide To The Future As Flaky As It Gets.”
After that I took this philosopher’s observation ...

George Santayana: “The world is a perpetual caricature of itself; at every moment it is the mockery and the contradiction of what it is pretending to be.”

And turned it on its head by writing the caricature before the world had even known what it is supposed to pretending to be. That’s in a novel entitled: “The Pink Swastika: An Immorality Play As Sci-Fi Novel.”

And no this has nothing to do with faggots. I’ve already covered them in another book, “Faggots And The Guillotine.” This is about revolution. The guillotine is their place in it.

I can’t describe in detail with copious sources all the convoluted background here. If I did I would simply be copying the original Flaky and that would not only be redundant but also I could be accused of plagiarizing from myself.

Since no one wants to slog through 613 pages I have been stripping out subjects and making shorter books out of them for specific constituencies. In this half a loaf I am going to emphasize fashion. As in Flaky I’ve tried to keep the writing suitable for polite society, but not too polite. Those who don’t mind sex, violence, and bad language, read the novel.

If you are looking for rationality, you won’t find it here. Fashion is by definition irrational. Something that is acceptable and even acclaimed in one time and place once it passes from fashion can appear ludicrous. Therefore what I am suggesting may be seem to be ludicrous, skirts for all, but when it comes into fashion no one will think that at all.

I’ll begin at the beginning.

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