Segrati - Free Kindle Fiction

by Gerry Descoteaux

Segrati is the first in a trilogy of novels which follow Fernandette, the younger sister of a major Italian crime boss, a brutal and not to be messed with, old-world style, Mafioso. The trilogy chronicles her journey through a lifelong metamorphosis from innocent child and faux orphan to a nearly empress status in today’s world.

Segrati introduces readers to her family, its violent history and Fernandette’s struggles with complicated love interests and her genealogy, as well as a subject that is continually sensationalized in today’s media – Clergy Sex Abuse. In this case, unfortunately for the guilty, it deals with the aftermath of the abuse by an American priest and resultant suicide of Fernandette's nephew, sole heir to the family throne.

An already accomplished woman after college and subsequent business successes during the early Internet boom, she is recruited and catapulted through the ranks of the U.S. State Department as a translator and, eventually as a diplomatic aide with covert undertones. Subsequently, after 9/11, recruitment by the CIA leads to a leadership role within an anti-terrorism unit, where she, along with the church’s and her brother's associates, become entangled in the pursuit of the priest who abused her nephew.

The priest, knowing his life is in dire peril, blackmails higher-ups within the Vatican to help him flee and facilitate his escape back to the U.S. The blackmail concerns terribly dark church secrets (Segrati) he'd become aware of during his decades as a priest and, more recently, in ill-conceived posts in and around the Vatican, where he’d been reassigned after being involved in the American abuse scandals. These are secrets that the church would do anything to prevent their revelation and, forces them to employ their own version of the lethal hand. A climatic end results when Fernandette becomes the fatal instrument, exacting a long held, though often denied, historically familial justice.

It is a theme that she more fully realizes later on in books two and three. Always practiced by her family, as evidenced by her brother’s barbarous tendencies within Segrati, by the third book, (La Madrina - The Godmother) after her brother’s violent demise, she again struggles to balance her life, though now as matriarch of her own family juxtaposed against her new responsibilities controlling an organized crime empire..

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