Running Blind - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Running Blind: The Journey of Blind Runner Training For Her First Marathon
by Rhonda Copeland 

Have you ever talked yourself out of your wildest dream? How many times have you sabotaged yourself and kept yourself from achieving any desired goal? Even if it was only in a small or insignificant way that you barely noticed?

You probably have a dream right now that you’d like to make a reality. But what's the first step you need to take? Nope, it's not a list or schedule of attack. It's a why. Unless you have a big enough why--why your dream matters in the first place-- it will be difficult to achieve your goal.

Achieving your dreams is easier with a little inspiration and motivation from someone who has managed to achieve something great in the face of a great obstacle. Lucky you! You've found just that.

Running Blind is a story that brings motivation through inspiration. The author, Rhonda Copeland, was diagnosed with the vision-degenerating illness, Retinitis Pigmentosa; her doctors told her that she would eventually go blind.

So what did she do? Well, as you can guess, she didn't plop herself down in a puddle, boo-hooing and reveling in her victim-hood. Running Blind: The Journey of a Blind Runner Training for Her First Marathon is Copeland’s account of how she trained for her first 26.2-mile marathon, despite her disease. How she made a plan, rallied a support team, and melded her dream with her reality.

Unlike other marathon books, Running Blind is not just a marathon training guide for runners, but holds precious insights for the runner and non-runner alike. In fact anyone who faces an untenable or frightful situation, anyone who's been discouraged and felt themselves turn away from their path to success because obstacles, both great and small have cropped up and made the possible seem impossible. Grab this inspirational narrative of someone who transformed a heartbreaking diagnosis into a catalyst for forward progress, action and change.

As a training guide, Rhonda writes about how she prepared for the logistics of the marathon, from developing a good training schedule, to re-vamping her diet, to cultivating the mental fortitude to get up and train. Runners who are training for a half-marathon, a full one, or just run for pleasure will get a lot out of this book.

As an inspirational book, Running Blind goes over how the author kept her focus and endurance, even in the face of difficult circumstances, when the temptation to quit was strong – but was it stronger than her desire to win? What happens when she faces that crossroads? Quit or carry on? Is it really too hard for a legally blind runner to complete a 26.2 mile road race in one of the hottest summers on record? Is the defiant runner or the vanquishing marathon the winner?

Running Blind is not only for the women and men who love running. It is also a journey chronicled to help anyone who has faced a seemingly unsurmountable obstacle to surmount, to survive and to succeed. Pick up this book and allow yourself to be buoyed forward on your own journey by sharing the road on Rhonda’s quest.

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