PizzaRotica - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

by Dominick Bosco 

It's time to take your taste buds for a walk on the WILD SIDE of the pizza oven. Time to make your heart sing and your senses soar to new heights of pizza pleasure.

PizzaRotica is your dirty little secret, the hunger you try to hide but can never fully keep under wraps...

Because PizzaRotica pizzas are messy and delicious, like love.

PizzaRotica will transport you to a warm place where hot and juicy things happen.

PizzaRotica will make you weak in the knees with desire. Your mouth will water and your eyes will tear.

You'll feel a quiver in your belly. You will know true, uninhibited pizza passion for the first time in your life.

PizzaRotica is the cure for the common pizza.

It's not for pizza prudes.

PizzaRotica is not politically correct....

PizzaRotica is not generally accepted as safe.

This is NOT your father's pizza. No way.

Over 60 pizzas that will make your toes curl.

Over 60 pizzas that will make you moan and blush with secret pleasure.

Over 60 pizzas you'll dream about when no one is looking.

PizzaRotica will make your mouth water uncontrollably at the sight of gooey melted cheese and the aroma of hot olive oil and charred crust.

Do you have an active and healthy pizza life? Not if you've never made pizza the PizzaRotica way.

PizzaRotica is here to EMPOWER you to have the pizza life you deserve.

More hot and steamy... more chewy gooey...more pure pizza pleasure than your wildest dreams.

These wild pizzas are calling to you... whispering your name...sending provocative messages to the place where you really live... They promise to excite you and please you beyond your most secret dreams... satisfy your curiosity about... the wild side of the pizza oven.

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