Overcoming your Shopping Addiction - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Overcoming your Shopping Addiction: The Guide to Beating your Addiction to Shopping and Ending the Shopping Addiction Cycle
by Stephen Howe 

You’re about to discover proven steps and strategies to help you better understand the underlying causes of compulsive spending and develop the right approach needed to effectively combat shopping addiction.

Addiction to shopping is arguably the most socially reinforced among all the known forms of behavioral disorders. In a highly consumerist society, spending is seen as a key exercise in validating your worth, so it is not surprising to see the act of shopping being equated with personal happiness.

But therein lies the biggest challenge: when left unchecked, excessive shopping has the potential of spawning serious emotional, financial, and even physical problems. In fact, similar to other forms of addiction, getting hooked to shopping can also extend beyond the self and pose significant challenges to your relationships with other people.

It goes without saying, therefore, that anyone keen on getting rid of this disorder should be equipped with the proper mindset, motivation, and attitude needed to keep it from wreaking further havoc into his life.

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