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Natural Remedies For Children And Family: A Mom's Guide Book of 100 Natural Remedies To Prevent And Cure Everyday Illnesses
by Elizabeth Roxas

Traditional medication is a very controversial issue among health enthusiasts. It has been established that herbal remedies are not recognized in the modern-medical world as highly effective and therapeutic, and that relying only on natural remedies is not enough to cure and heal daily illnesses.

However, studies have shown that medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies’ effects more than what are expected from them. This is very disturbing considering that little children cannot fully express how they feel once they experience the ill effects of commercially prepared medications. Parents, most especially moms, are very concerned with this matter since issues on health are very important to them. This made a lot of people become interested again with natural health remedies as they seem to be more beneficial and safer compared to prescription drugs.

Advocates of natural remedies stress that using a holistic approach in healing illnesses is more beneficial and it can enhance the body’s intrinsic capability to heal itself. As a herbal remedies book, this reference will give you an in depth understanding on the different natural remedies and supplements. To name a few, this herbal remedies guide will give you knowledge on these key points:

1. Different herbal remedies products
2. Natural remedies for anxiety
3. Natural remedies for diabetes
4. Natural remedies for children
5. Natural remedies for migraine
6. And even how to prepare a natural remedies tea

You will learn the following in this natural remedies book:

Wonders, Preparations or Forms, and Benefits of Natural Remedies
Ointments And Salves
Stand Alone And Others
List of Other Ailments and Their Herb Cure

This natural remedies book is your ultimate guide in knowing which herbal plants are suited to treat specific illnesses. Immediate relief can be achieved if you know how to properly prepare your herbs. In this note, it is such a comfort that you have this guide to natural remedies for healthy living as it explains the different herbal preparations like ointments, poultice, salves, infusions, tincture, tea, and extracts. This book will teach you how to easily prepare simple homemade natural recipes for tons of illnesses.

The book also emphasizes on the benefits that you get from herbal remedies. These natural treatments can stand as prescription for natural cures and will serve as natural remedies for children or as natural remedies for family as a whole.

Just like the older generations, like the traditional Chinese dynasties, and the Egyptians, you have the option to benefit from the amazing cure that can be obtained from inexpensive herbal plants. Choosing natural remedies for illnesses in the family is a wiser choice than buying over- the- counter medicines. Natural remedies are safe, effective, easy to obtain, and definitely less expensive.

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