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Mind, Body + Soul Detox: A Colorful 7-Day Detox for Radiant Beauty Inside and Out
by Nicole Carlin

Uncover radiant beauty with the Mind, Body + Soul Detox.

The Mind, Body + Soul Detox program is user-friendly and designed with even the most novice healthy eaters, yogis + meditators in mind. You don't need to know what a chakra is or even own a juicer. The program starts with an optional 3-day transition diet, where you'll cut out dairy, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and other bad-for-you-foods. I highly recommend supporting your body with the transition diet before and after the seven day cleanse. This will greatly reduce the likelihood that you'll experience any detoxing symptoms, like cravings or lethargy.

Throughout the book you'll learn the basics of cleansing the body -- why it's necessary, what helps + what hurts -- and a down and dirty guide to nutrition, rainbow phytonutrients and glowing beauty. The second section covers yoga, meditation and breathing basics. Once you're prepped and ready, The Program section walks you through each day with a colorful recipe, optional snacks, yoga poses, meditations, affirmations, color therapy + journal prompts.

•Vibrant health + vitality
•Increased + sustained energy
•Mental acuity and clarity
•Better, high quality sleep
•Decreased risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer, hypertension, diabetes + heart disease
•Glowing, luminous hair and skin
•Healthy weight loss
•Improved concentration
•Better orgasms and increased sexual desire
•Supported reproductive functioning and improvement in PMS symptoms and fertility
•Greater confidence to implement healthy lifestyle changes

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