Management And Leadership Skills - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Management And Leadership Skills: Inspire, Motivate, And Gain The Respect Of Your Peers 
by Brian Night

This is a boxset of four best selling management and leadership books!

Power Rapport Building

Imagine being able to meet complete strangers and be able to create a deep and lasting social connection in a matter of minutes. Imagine being able to talk to anyone about anything. Imagine improving your social life dramatically and becoming a social leader the minute you walk into a room. Think this is impossible? You might want to think again. Being able to create instant rapport is a skill that can be learned just like any other skill. Top salesmen practice and hone this skill which allows them to pull in millions of dollars in commissions each year. Do you have certain friends that are the life of the party or seem to get along with everybody? These friends have a natural rapport building skill set, but you can become even better with our tips, techniques, and practice. This book will change everything you know about building rapport and social dynamics.

Management And Leadership

Learning how to manage and become a great leader is a skill that takes years of practice and experience. This isn't something that just happens overnight and you will need to dedicate time and energy to both yourself and your team. The intention of this guide is to streamline that process and allow you to become a great motivating leader is as condensed a time frame as possible. This guide will give you our tried and tested methods that have helped managers in a variety of different positions. The managers who have used these methods have experienced work productivity increases and a motivated employee base with a higher moral. These techniques can be utilized if you are a high ranking manager at a Fortune 500 company, or if you are the owner of a small start up with only a handful of employees.

Business Body Language

Great business leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs all share one trait that helps them rise to the top of powerful companies and become successful. That one common trait is body language. Unfortunately, most people pay little to no attention to their body language. Those that naturally display positive, powerful, and engaging body language rise to the top management positions at their jobs, while others, who neglect to pay attention to their body language or who don't display the traits mentioned above, will wonder why they continue to get passed over for promotions and fail to hit sales targets each month.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

The leadership landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, as new studies have shown evidence of an emergence of a new type of leader. No longer are the most intelligent, skilled, or qualified leaders being sought after. A new type of leader emerging, one that study after study has shown gets the job done. Companies are looking to hire this new type of leader and are throwing millions of dollars to train the next generation. So who is this new leader? The leader of the next generation. leads not only with mental intelligence but also emotional intelligence. The ability to recognize employees emotions and control their own emotions have allowed these new leaders to thrive and accomplish great achievements. Studies have shown that leading with emotional intelligence will increase workplace production, reduce problems, and motive and inspire any workforce.

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