Listen to Your Laundry - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Listen to Your Laundry
by Erik Eustice, CJ Maurer and Eric Worral 

There's a neglected heap of dress shirts threatening to rise up. They're in my basement, likely conspiring against me, lurking in the shadows.

"You grab his arms and I'll hit 'em with the spray bottle."

I even bought the "non-iron" shirt variety to avoid this very moment. "Non-iron" is kind of like anything you've ever thought was true to its name but clearly isn't. They're less wrinkled out of the wash than, say, a piece of crumpled tissue paper. But, they still require a surgical hit of steam. Unless you don't mind looking like you just practiced your stop, drop and roll.

I like wearing clothes.

I don't like washing, drying, or ironing them.

But what if I didn't see my laundry as a curse resulting from the excavation of King Tut's tomb? What if I saw simple truth disguised as an avoidable everyday chore? I guess that would only work if I was looking for it. I'd have to want to see it. Or, at the very least, be open to it.

What if my laundry was trying to tell me something?

What if I was actually listening?

It might tell me that I have more dress shirts than some people have articles of clothing. Maybe it would tell me the water I use to clean my clothes is cleaner than the water many children have to drink. Maybe it would have even more to say if I spent less time resenting it and more time at its feet.

There's wisdom in the everyday. If you want there to be, that is.

What's your laundry trying to tell you?

Are you listening?


In these pages are observations of regular lives that are probably not too different from your own.

May you seek wisdom in the everyday.

May you always find what you are looking for.

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