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Lighting the Dark Mind: Inspired by recent psychological thrillers but taking a brand new and original path 
by Charlie Spacer

Recent psychological thrillers pale in comparison to this new offering from Charlie Spacer. Transport yourself into Maurice's world, where he must live with his unusual gift, hidden deep inside his body, until the time comes for it to reveal itself. What is Maurice about to learn? He is about to discover the secrets of the universe in their entirety. He is about to receive an unworldly knowledge, of the kind that man has struggled to acquaint himself with for all of time. The countdown has begun. Maurice is the chosen one. All he must do is live a simple life and wait for his moment of illumination. This, you may have guessed if you're a fan of recent psychological thrillers, proves to be a far harder task than he could possibly ever have imagined.

One woman knows his secret and she will stop at nothing to take his gift from him. Full of cunning and utterly determined, Cherith has an elaborate plan to disrupt Maurice's life-in-waiting with a bang. Maurice doesn't realise what has hit him, until it's hit him and by then it's far too late. He's been unwittingly and unwillingly drawn deep into a web of Cherith's lies and deceit. This a woman who knows exactly how to get what she wants. She is the archetype of a seductress, against whom Maurice has little chance defending himself. Her desire is to infect herself with the virus that Maurice carries and she will see to it that it happens.

As with other recent psychological thrillers, Lighting the Dark Mind incorporates an apocalyptic edge. Who could possibly bear to be shown the truth in full about the world, the stars and everything? The fragile human mind could not possibly withstand such information. Maurice has always known that his gift comes at a hefty price. Not only has he abstained from leading a normal life, once his moment of truth is over, so is he. Those who have been given the knowledge before him, all ended their lives within days. It is a price he is eager to pay. Maurice is only too aware of the consequences of infecting others. The gift is desirable, but so is the urge throw yourself into the oblivion afterwards. He doesn't want to be responsible for initiating the extinction of the human race. Cherith, on the other hand, is morally bereft and she is angry. What exactly are her plans? Could she about to put everybody in danger?

Much like other recent psychological thrillers, this tale asks what price we'll pay to find out the truth about God, nature and eternity. When a primeval and instinctive desire enters the equation, just how irresponsible can an individual be in order to cater for his or her own selfish needs, regardless of what lies ahead?

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