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Kindle SEO-Make More Money With Kindle Books Using These Amazon SEO Tips (search engine optimizatoin) (SEO Kindle Books)
by Kindle Cash 

Kindle SEO-How to Optimize (SEO) Your Book to Make More Money on Amazon

If you will follow my lead, I assure you that you will rank your Kindle eBook higher in the Amazon search results. You will also get more downloads and make more money with Kindle books.

I’ve been an expert in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) for the past 7 years.

I’ve dominated the search results on Google for many niches that I’ve focused on and made in excess of $150,000 online by doing so.

I’m going to show you exactly how to optimize your Kindle books in order to have a great chance of getting found when someone is searching for a book related to your niche topic on the Amazon website.

Make More Money Selling Kindle Books With These Ideas From The Book

Tip 5 Include your keyword phrases in the beginning of your book’s description. Always have the words that comprise your title within the first three sentences of your description. You don’t have to have exact phrase matches, just make sure the words are in there.

Tip 10 Do not overuse your keyword phrases in your description. Write your description naturally while being mindful of entering your keyword phrases in the content. If you take a hand full of flower seeds and hurl them out into the yard, that’s the same sort of thing you want to do with the words that comprise your keyword phrases. Scatter them throughout the content in your book description.

As you can see the tips in this book are easy to understand. You won’t be wasting your time reading through a bunch of useless information to find the really good stuff. NO! Within minutes you are going to be able to make positive changes to your existing Kindle books or new Kindle books that will increase sales and put more money in your pocket.

When You Use SEO for Your Kindle Book You Will

Get more downloads
Make more money
Rank higher in Amazon searches
Sell more books
Be inspired to write even more books
Increase your passive income

This book is not about optimizing your Kindle book for Google, but rather the information is specific to teach you how to get your book to the top of the results when someone is searching on the Amazon website in the Kindle Store.

Inside this book you will learn methods for dominating the Amazon Kindle search engine results pages through white hat SEO practices:

So what does all of this terminology mean?

SEO - refers to search engine optimization: The process of implementing various legal practices while getting your book to appear higher on the search engine’s list when someone is searching for books related to your niche.

White Hat- means that the methods I teach are acceptable and honest methods for achieving higher placements on Amazon.

Black Hat-I don’t teach black hat tactics for gaming or hacking the Amazon search engine. Black hat SEO would include things like, paying for book reviews, purchasing your own book hundreds of times to increase your sales records or paying to have someone add your book to hundreds of fake Amazon account wish lists.

More Ideas-How to SEO A Kindle Book

The optimization of your Kindle book should be an ongoing process. You have to continually monitor where your book is in the SERPS and make adjustments to get it pushed higher in the results pages. Sometimes just adding a couple of words or deleting words can have a positive or negative impact on where your book falls in the search engine results pages.

Tip 8 Place the keywords you are targeting in the beginning, middle and at the end of your description. As you are writing, sprinkle your keywords throughout your content.

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