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Juice Fast for Guys: How I lost 8 lbs on a 5-day Juice Cleanse
by Vince Adams 

Have you ever wanted to give your digestive system a well-deserved rest? Some would call it a plant shutdown for your body, or even hitting the gastrointestinal “reset “ button.

If you have found yourself on this web page, it is likely that you have heard of juicing or are at least familiar with the idea of a juice fast. This book chronicles a 5-day juice fast that I conducted to share specific information about the benefits of doing so, how to prepare and what to expect both physically and mentally.
What does gender have to do with a juice fast?

I did not begin writing this book exclusively for men, but Day 1 of my 5-day fast occurred on a Monday Night in November. The Packers were playing the Bears on Monday Night Football and the heavily favored Packers were losing early in the game. Normally a night like this would have called for a platter of wings and a few beers. Instead, I turned off the game and watched old episodes of “Lost” with my wife while drinking herbal tea. Most women that I know would not have seen this as a huge sacrifice, but for me it was like going to Disney World and told that I was not allowed on any of the rides.

Recognizing the triggers for failure and motivation to keep going will differ slightly between the genders. I decided to write this book for specifically for men looking to do a juice cleanse, or what some people refer to as a juice fast.

I’m simply a regular guy who is a little overweight, has spent almost four decades eating a traditional North American diet, and who has realized the wonderful benefits of a 5-day juice cleanse. I want only to share this experience with other guys in the same boat who are looking for a little guidance and motivation.
This book on juice cleansing/fasting is different because of its simplicity. You will not be counting calories, measuring or monitoring juice quantities, or even following elaborate recipes. The guidelines are easy to follow and provide much leeway to accommodate for individual preferences and levels of creativity.

By the end of this book you will have a good understanding of how to properly prepare for and conduct a 5-day juice fast. I have included daily journal entries for my fast that include what I did that day, photos and descriptions of what I ate, and more importantly how I felt so that you will have a good idea of what to expect. Each daily entry also includes a “Tip of the day” “Food fact of the day” and motivational “Quote of the day” from famous men. Other guidelines and tips are offered including tips on how to ease your way off the fast.

Through this book, I will serve as your coach, teammate and cheerleader on your juicing journey!

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