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In gloom 
by Nicholas Flynn 

Set in a distant future, where magic has overcome the technological advance and the humans have been decimated close to extinction, IN GLOOM pictures a world that had to start over on a different path.

The story opens on the day Leila Ashlyn receives an unexpected visitor, who came with the news of her best friends’ death. At first, she falls to the ground crying. But when the news is not only the worst ever, but comes also with the request of raising Anthony, their orphan child, Leila hits a blockade. Oh, did I mention she’s a hundred years old Necromancer?

Fourteen years later, Leila Ashlyn got to love the little boy beyond her breed’s boundaries, and you couldn’t find anything strange about Anthony; he always wears a smile, his grades are high, the prettiest girl in the Lycaeum loves him, and he has nothing but the whole life ahead of him at sixteen.

But his life reaches a turning point just before his maturity trial, when Anthony finds himself chosen to be the bearer of the most dreadful artifact in the world – The Death’s Scythe.

When he embarks on a journey right on the island where his parents lost their lives, the young boy is thrown into a twisted procession of events that will end up changing him forever; his friends challenge his allegiance, he is attacked by fire breathing dragons, and his adoptive mother turns out to be more than the world knew.

Constantly on the run, Anthony must discern his real enemy. Is it the Death Scythe who tries to possess his soul? Is it the Undead Lord? Is it himself?

Smitten down, Anthony has to find the strength to carry on despite life’s deadliest turnouts, when he finds out there’s more about his parents’ death than a simple unfortunate accident.

The main character is drawn over the regular teenager’s pattern, with that little bit of desirability we always wished we had, but who is also hunched under the weight of a certain drawback.

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