How You Can Help Save Social Security - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

How You Can Help Save Social Security
by Allen Smith

Social Security is in deep financial trouble today, and, unless action is taken soon, the government may be unable to pay full benefits as early as 2015. Most Americans don’t know the true financial status of Social Security. How could they possibly know? There are so many versions of the truth being dispatched by various groups, and most of these groups have their own axe to grind. The American people need to have someone, or some organization, who is working on behalf of the public. If you think the AARP is doing that, think again. When I began my relentless effort to expose the great Social Security theft more than a decade ago, I contacted the AARP in an effort to get them to help expose the looting of Social Security. They weren’t even willing to communicate with me. In response to a letter I wrote to William Novelli, then CEO of the AARP, he sent me a short letter in which he scolded me for daring to even bring up the issue of the looting of Social Security by the government. He didn’t argue that looting was not taking place, but he was adamant about the importance of keeping the public from finding out about it.

This book covers the entire process of the emptying of the trust fund over a 30-year period. It starts in 1983 when President Reagan, with the help of Alan Greenspan, convinced the Congress and the public to approve a sharp increase in the payroll tax in order to regain some of the revenue lost as a result of the huge, unaffordable income tax cuts. That 1983 increase in the payroll tax was supposed to generate large surpluses in the Social Security fund for the next 30 years. This surplus revenue was supposed to be saved and invested so that it would be available to pay benefits to the baby boomers, who would begin retiring in 2010. A total of $2.7 trillion in surplus Social Security revenue was generated and every penny of the embezzled money was transferred to the general fund and used as general revenue. The government misappropriated, or embezzled every dollar of the $2.7 trillion, and spent the money on tax cuts for the wealthy, on unfunded wars and on other government programs.

The primary purpose of this book is to educate and inform the public that the government took $2.7 trillion from the trust fund and spent it on other things. The secondary purpose of the book is to urge the public to get involved and demand that the government repay the stolen money. The approximately 78 million baby boomers have protested and demonstrated for many other causes throughout their lives, and today duty calls once again. Don’t let the government get buy with stealing the Social Security money and trying to keep the public from finding out about the crime.

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