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How To Stop Arguing: Dealing With Stress, Anger, Rejection, Conflict, Fighting and Difficult People
by Amber Rain

Are you exhausted from dealing with conflict? Do you just want the constant arguing to stop? Are the guilt, shame and the intensity of blame wearing you down? Everything you need to stop fighting and arguing with difficult people is in this book.

These life-skills will work in any situation where conflict resolution is or isn’t possible. The reason they work is because they are centered on teaching you how to manage conflict in such a way that it doesn’t harm you emotionally anymore.

Inside You Will Learn How To:
Stop an argument from starting
Connect in a confident and effective manner
Protect your emotions when dealing with difficult people
Set boundaries with people who want to treat you like a doormat
Cope with rejection and find deeply based serenity in loving yourself
Stop fighting and arguing with anyone

The author, Amber Rain has successfully used these methods for dealing with difficult people and situations since 2001. It all started when she was married to an alcoholic and found herself caught in the grips of constant conflict. The levels of stress, anger and anxiety were too much for her to bear. Amber sought out help and has since helped tens of thousands of people all over the world learn how to cope with difficult people.

Ideas on How To Stop Arguing From The Book

1. Never argue. The number one rule is really all you need however; it is easier said than done.

2. Keep your mouth shut. This one is going to take a lot of practice, but don’t get discouraged, eventually you will master your unruly tongue. I promise you that you will argue a lot less if you can learn how to zip your lips long enough to respond in an appropriate manner rather than react negatively to what someone is doing or has said. You have to practice having self-controlled responses. This can be extremely difficult depending upon who you are dealing with. Some people can be quite verbally abusive and it may cause you to instinctively react in anger.

As you can see Amber writes in such a way that you get the best, of the best information in a condensed form. You won’t have to waste your time looking for the good content in this book. NO! Within minutes of reading the first five tips, you can start applying this wisdom to any situation you are dealing with where conflict is happening.

When you finish reading “How To Stop Arguing: Dealing With Stress, Anger, Rejection, Conflict, Fighting and Difficult People” you are going to understand:
Why living in the present moment is so important to overcoming stress
The importance of forgiving yourself and others
How to respond intelligently, rather than react in a negative manner
How to be kind in any situation
Detach from toxic people
Deal with difficult people without losing your temper in the process
Be kind to yourself while trying to stop arguing and fighting
And much more

More Tips On Dealing With Difficult People From The Book

46. Don’t discuss serious issues late at night. The very worst time to have a discussion about something that has been bothering you is late at night when you are tired.

47. If you have somewhere to go where you will be for a while with the person who has a tendency to want to argue, take separate vehicles. If things start heating up, you will have your own method of escape.

If you are ready to make positive changes in your relationship with a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, co-worker, child or family member, get the book now. You will be so happy you did.

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