How to Lose Weight with Carb Cycling - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

How to Lose Weight with Carb Cycling: Fitness Model's Secret to Permanent Weight Loss (Build My Body Beatiful)
by Ivan Kalinin and Ana Plenter

If you are considering buying this book, you are probably interested in the topic on how to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ana and I wrote this book to help you achieve your fitness goals and share some of our own tricks and secrets that we have learned during our preparation to numerous fitness competitions and working with clients for the past 10 years. In our opinion, investing in your health is far more superior than investing in material goods such as houses, stocks and bonds and we applaud you for taking steps to taking initiative in this part of your life.

There are many ways to achieve weight loss through dieting and exercise. Unfortunately, some of these diets are only effective short term, resulting in what is called yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo dieting refers to losing a lot of weight at once and then gaining it all (and sometimes more of it) back and can be very damaging to your health in the long run.

In this book, we try to solve the problem of yo-yo dieting and help you lose weight by accelerating the rate with which you burn calories. We encourage you to take control of the way you eat and lose weight steadily, safely and healthily. That being said, we also encourage you to ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE FOODS and not restrict yourself to consume bland and boring foods.

ATTENTION: This Book Is Written Exclusively for Women Who Are Looking to Lose 10-50 Pounds.

Ana and I are the owners of one of the most successful fitness companies for women, here in Toronto, Build My Body Beautiful. We work exclusively with women who seek to achieve weight loss of at least 10lbs. Therefore, the nutritional plan described in this book, most likely will not be suitable for men, as we designed it to suit the female physiology and dietary needs.
Our method of Carb Cycling involves manipulating macronutrients in such manner that accelerates metabolism and therefore making your body burn a higher amount of calories daily. Although, most of this diet plan consists of consuming whole, fat burning foods, we also encourage you to use scheduled “cheat meals” that represent your favorite comfort foods. We are certain that balance plays a major role in anyone’s weight loss journey. Therefore, allowing you to eat the foods you love will keep you motivated to stay on this nutritional plan long term and ensure permanent weight loss.

Here Are Some Important Reasons Why You Might Want to Get This Book:

- If you are wondering how to lose weight, how to lose belly fat or how to get a flat stomach, then this book has all the answers!
- You will not be required to “starve your weight off”. Instead, we encourage you to eat up to 6 small meals a day and include scheduled “cheat meals” (yes, it can be ice cream, cookies or pizza. It can be whatever you want!)
- You will turn your body into a fat burning machine, literally! The purpose of the BMBB Carb Cycling method is to train your body to use fat for energy.
- You don’t need to worry about logistics. Because we have already calculated the portions, you don’t have to worry about tracking your calories.
- This book contains recipes of healthy breakfasts, healthy snacks, healthy lunches and dinner. As well, you will find energizing smoothie recipes and gluten free, high protein meals that will ensure that you burn calories at an optimal level.

You don’t need to diet hard, but smart and we are providing you with an incredible tool that you can use to lose weight and do it fast.

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