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Heaven's Child: A true story of family, friends, and strangers, second edition
by Caroline Flohr 

An intimate and honest memoir, Heaven's Child is an inspirational and spiritual story that motivates readers to live with authenticity, embracing humanity while embracing the present. It's about family, community, relationships, parenting, difficult conversations and social issues of today's complex world. It's a story of caution and vigilance, decision-making and accountability, living in the moment, and being constantly aware that each day could be our last. It's a story addressing the consequences of what happens when life is cut short. Told through the eyes and heart of Sarah's mother, Heaven's Child is a gripping memoir that celebrates life as it celebrates death, forcing readers to take stock of their lives and the people and things that give them meaning. It's that unforgettable true story that will warm your heart as it scratches your soul. Heaven's Child is a true story you will remember, one that challenges you to live your best life.

The storyline begins:

IT'S THE END OF AUGUST...HIGH SCHOOL BEGINS IN TWO WEEKS...EIGHT TEENS CRAM INTO AN SUV AND TAKE A MIDNIGHT JOYRIDE. They're friends, just wanting a last moment of independence before returning to the grind: victimless, harmless, and fun. Somebody's friend dies.

Simply a series of choices, and now...what's left behind? Who's to blame? Accountability? Where's forgiveness? The pain cuts deep. How do you heal in the midst of such tragedy? Or maybe the question to ask is...will you heal?

Like teenagers across America, 16-year-old twin Sarah had parents who cared, attended a good school and lived in a small safe community. And yet, life carries no guarantees.

Heaven's Child is a universal guide showing us all how the human spirit's innate love and resilience can heal, transform, and reignite our souls after life's most tragic losses. An unforgettable true story, Heaven's Child meets you where you are on your own journey.

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