Growing The Money Tree - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Growing The Money Tree: Financial Freedom One Leaf At A Time
by John Svazic 

It's about time a book about investing and foreign exchange is honest with its readers.

Most books on the market today, be they about stocks, commodities, foreign exchange (Forex) or just investing in general - often lead the reader to believe that in a few short steps they to can make millions with little-to-no effort. Unfortunately this is rarely true but the true crime is the lack of goal setting within the pages of these other books. Growing The Money Tree is different - it does not aim to make the reader a millionaire, but rather shows them why they don't need to be a millionaire to be happy. Financial freedom is a lot closer than people may realize and Growing The Money Tree aspires to show the reader how close they really are.

Growing The Money Tree covers budgeting, goal setting, income analysis, a gentle introduction to the Forex market and the author's own tale of how he started trading the Forex, his trials and tribulations and how he came to understand the concept of growing my own money tree. The book includes some trading strategies that the author has developed over the years using a form of artificial intelligence known as genetic algorithms for those interested in a more advanced approach.

Growing The Money Tree wasn't written to make millionaires, it was written to share the author's experiences from trading the Forex over the past 12 years in order to show that through diversification and some simple money management, people can find financial freedom much sooner.

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