Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation 
by Can Akdeniz

Perhaps you have always had a dream to create the next big thing in your specific field and your days are spent brainstorming all of the possibilities to revolutionize the world. The hard part is moving from imagining your ideas to actually seeing them come to fruition. Embarking on any sort of creative journey can be intimidating, but reading this book will make things easier.

Go Nuts is Can Akdeniz's newest book that is packed with diverse examples of creativity across a number of fields and industries. Some of the most respected and admired names in creativity are profiled in this book, making it an invaluable resource for everyone from burgeoning creative entrepreneurs to artists who want to inject a surge of creativity into their life. There are thousands of directions that aspiring "creatives" can take, but it always helps to have models to emulate, or at least lessons to absorb and follow. That is precisely what this book offers, and for those who can read between the lines and find inspiration in these pages, it just might be an essential step towards a fantastically creative life.

Learn: How to find your unique style of creativity
Learn: The historical origins of innovation
Learn: The relationship of social media and pop culture to creativity
Learn: The philanthropic purposes of thinking outside the box
Learn: How sociology and human nature affect the creative process
Learn: How the environmental factors impact imagination and innovation
Learn: Industry crossovers and what that means for new ideas
Learn: How studying the past can impact the future
Learn: The shrinking gap between science fiction and reality
Learn: The self-perpetuating aspect of creativity
Learn: How to combine different creative disciplines
Learn: Thinking ahead of current technology to find the "next big thing"
Learn: Looking at the world in a way that will inspire creativity
Learn: Optimism and pessimism towards the idea of change
Learn: Embracing new technology and using it in unexpected ways
Learn: The limitless nature of the imagination
Learn: Cultural, economic, and political effects on creativity
Learn: How to identify problems or issues that creativity could potentially remedy
Learn: Critical thinking and problem solving
Learn: The importance of taking calculated and worthwhile risks

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Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation - Free Kindle Non-Fiction Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation - Free Kindle Non-Fiction Reviewed by Bradi Conner on 1:00 AM Rating: 5

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