Gluten Free Diet for Kids - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Gluten Free Diet for Kids: 20 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes for a Healthy Child's Lifestyle 
by Olivia Kennedy

Gluten - (from Latin that means "glue") is a protein composite which can be found in processed foods from wheat and other grain related species such as rye and barley. The presence of gluten in a dough allows the ingredient to be elastic. It improves a dough's capability to rise, keep its shape and most often provides a chewy texture. Gluten is also present not only food that we eat but also in hair products, cosmetics and many other dermatological products and preparations.

Be Balanced, Be Healthy, Be Gluten-Free!

All throughout the world, gluten is also known as a source of protein. Gluten can also be an additive to food products or be a supplementary protein to food with nonexistent or low protein levels. Gluten intolerance (also known as gluten sensitivity) is a health disorder encompassing wheat allergy and celiac or coeliac disease to which gluten foods inflicts an adverse effect on a person's body. These disorders are extremely restrictive when it comes to diet. Gluten and kids have a very close association.

Food sold in the market nowadays contain gluten. Lamentably, this causes a detrimental effects to our children's health. The main purpose of this gluten free diet is to treat and/or prevent celiac disease - this is also the only known medical treatment to the disease. The mission of the gluten free recipes' in this gluten book is to remove gluten from our child's diet which enables the gut to heal and for symptoms to improve.

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