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Get Your Health Back: A Comprehensive Family Health Guide to Natural Remedies, Nutrition, Diet and Fitness
by Magalie Turnbull 

Your HEALTH is your MOST PRECIOUS ASSET! Lose it and everything in your life risk falling apart. Earning a living, caring for your family can become all but impossible when facing health issues.

"GET YOUR HEALTH BACK" is a STRAIGHTFORWARD, NO-NONSENSE GUIDE that SHOWS YOU EXACTLY how to lead a healthier life, preserve your family well-being and - if you are already struggling with health issues - how to reverse existing conditions and regain wellness.

WHY SHOULD YOU READ YET ANOTHER BOOK ON HEALTH when dozens of them already crowd the bookstores shelves, giving conflicting information that leaves you confused and overwhelmed?

BECAUSE "Get Your Health Back" makes complicated and often conflicted matters such as HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET and FITNESS simple, easily understandable and immediately applicable.

IT LAYS the BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL RULES to healthy eating and natural healing, giving you the tools and the knowledge you need to maintain good health or regain it.

"Get Your Health Back" is YOUR GUIDE TO FAMILY HEALTH.

In this book, you will be introduced to a range of simple yet powerful NATURAL REMEDIES and HERBAL TREATMENTS that can turn your health around, avoiding or reversing many health issues ("Green foods and Green drinks", "Clay therapy", "the Essiac blend of herbs", "Oil pulling Therapy", "The Budwig diet" and more).

You will also be taught about the 3 main pillars of longevity: good nutrition, hydration and exercise.

This book will explain:

- What is a healthy diet and how to distinguish between the health destroying foods and healthy foods that enhance wellness.
- How to become a smart shopper and consumer.
- Why water is essential to your health and which are the rules for good hydration.
- Facts about exercising and benefits of different types of exercise. You will gain the knowledge you need to build the fitness plan that fits you best.

AS FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, weight loss often comes as a by-product of eating healthy and exercising and so this book indirectly addresses the matter.

"GET YOUR HEALTH BACK" was conceived to be a "not so big, but not so little book" as to give you just the right amount of information that won't leave you overwhelmed - yet knowledgeable enough to become in charge of your health.

It is an EASY TO READ LITTLE GUIDE THAT GIVES YOU THE KEY to this fundamental question: how to be healthy, reclaim your health and keep it.

Follow the advices in this little book and you will love the results! I guarantee you will rediscover a healthier you.


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