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Get More Done in Less Time: How to Be More Productive and Stop Procrastinating: (The Ultimate Guide for Maximum Achievement) (Success Principles) 
by Beau Norton

Do you struggle with finding the motivation to complete certain tasks in your life? How would your life change if you could triple, even quadruple your productivity? This book gives you many of the strategies that some of the most successful people in the world use to dramatically increase their productivity and the amount of success they see in their lives. It is all given to you in an easy-to-digest formula in this life-changing book. The information within this book has the potential to not only increase your productivity, but also to completely change your life in ways that you couldn't imagine. Recent scientific and psychological studies have proven that using the powers of the human mind, one can actually manifest everything they desire to achieve or accomplish in very short amounts of time. This book combines the scientific and mysterious aspects of reaching goals with practical and actionable methods to make the process of getting more done in less time straightforward and simple. Practicing any of the strategies and techniques mentioned in this book will positively affect your life. Practicing all of them will completely shatter your current reality and lead you to a life of massive success and achievement.

Topics covered in this book include:
Intrinsic Motivation
Goal Setting
Time Management
Morning routines
Eliminating distractions
Productive time blocks
Creating Incentives
Reward systems
Fear systems
Publicizing intentions
Building Momentum
Re-framing beliefs
The small things
Mastermind groups
Enjoying the process

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