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Freezer Recipes: The Complete Guide to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and More (Every Day Recipes)
by Ranae Richoux

Chances are that if you’ve got the comforts of a modern household, you’ve got a freezer (as either part of a refrigerator or as a standalone freezer). While a lot of the contents of a freezer might be ice cubes and frozen desserts such as ice cream and popsicles, the other contents of the freezer are what can get interesting. Maybe you have some meat in the freezer, or maybe you have a prepackaged meal you bought from the grocery store. As long as you don’t have a frozen human head in your freezer, everyone’s freezer looks pretty close to the same. The real question that we’d like to ask is if you have your own premade meals in the freezer. Cooking a meal and freezing it is a great way to make quite a bit of food and having it ready to serve at a moment’s notice throughout the next couple of days you intend on eating it.

With Every Day Freezer Recipes, not only will you have recipes that you can cook and preserve, but you'll also have a large quantity of meals you can make ahead. This cookbook makes it easy to cook foods that you can freeze for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more without sacrificing taste or time. And remember, review the book so we know how to make each book better than the last!

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