Expressing Your Love - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Expressing Your Love
by Pinton Dally 

This book is for people who want to improve the quality of their love life.
If you are a believer in love, then you may be in love already or are planning to fall in love with someone very special. All things considered, love is a universal language understood by all humans regardless of age, gender, education level, size, religion and other qualities that distinguish folks.

Just as a flower opens up its petals at the touch of the sun, love also blossoms under the constant cultivation of intimate communication. Love grows stronger through the regular habit of communicating strong positive messages to and fro your lover or spouse.

However, wanting to say or desiring to express your feelings without having the right intimate words to do so can be very frustrating. To a large extent, it may show that you don’t care enough or don’t feel enough about the relationship.

For those who have been strongly in love, you understand the stupid feeling you get when you are tongue-tied at a time you should be saying something of intimate value to your lover. For those who have tried to write a love note or message, you already know how long it takes before you construct one simple sentence that you are sure will communicate the passionate longing in your heart to love always.

This book if good for both the young who are just begining on their journey to the mountains of love and for those advanced in age whose love has hit points of dullness and need a breath of intimacy to make it glow again.

Many intimate relationships constantly shrivel when the sunshine of their messages goes dull. This needen’t be; for where love exists, intimacy never really dies - it only gets covered up in the ashes of misuse and requires just some slight fanning to bask back into the full flame it once was.

Many relationships lose the steam down the path mainly due to the lack of creative friendly communication to keep the love burning. I know there are other reasons why love may give up steam but in this book, I address myself to the challenge of sweet communication. Spoken words are good but written words are better because they are stored and kept for constant reference.

I am going to share with you over fifty love letters that could keep your love life fresh and burning. You may want to modify and borrow a few words, phrases, concepts and structures from the one’s I have shared. In fact, in compiling them, I intended to create a simple go-to resource whenever you feel you are short of what to write yet you need to say ‘I love you sweetie’ in more words than that.

The letters in this book are a general collection containing messages for different contexts; you will find letters that communicate varied ways of saying; I love you, I miss you, I am grateful, I am proud of you, I am sorry, I treasure you, come to me, You make me feel superhuman, I remember the special moments we shared, I want to give you my best, and a lot more. Some letters are very short and others a little long.

You will definately supercharge your intimate creativity with this book.

Try using some ideas in here and you will be glad you did.

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