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eMOTION: Forced Pair (A Fifth and Dent Story)
by C Ryan Bymaster 

Marion Dent is a high-functioning sociopath.

He was trained by the U.S. military to become the perfect soldier to combat the newest form of illegal emotional-based technology.

In 2016, the U.S. government banned the use of eTech, technology with the capability of tampering with people’s emotions. Dent, incapable of feeling emotion, quickly rises in the military as the perfect soldier to enforce the newly created laws. But after failing a mission, Dent is relieved of duty and becomes a contractor for the highest bidder—his mental handicap making him the perfect weapon in a world where illegally controlling emotions means controlling absolute economic power.

eMOTION: Forced Pair is a quick-paced action-packed story tinted with a sci-fi twist in which Dent is hired to kidnap a young Japanese girl with a very unique ability. She alone holds the potential to render current eTech obsolete and ushers in a new form of undetectable emotion-tampering.

After seemingly being betrayed by the person who hired him to kidnap the girl, Dent and the girl find themselves in a tentative partnership as they struggle to survive—and understand each other. Dent must figure out why he was betrayed, find the true players behind the young girl’s past as well as his own, and understand why, for the first time in his life, fulfilling the contract may not be the correct course of action.
If Dent can understand why this young girl makes him act irrationally he may have a chance to save her from the same fate he suffered—being studied and manipulated at a young age and used as an unwitting pawn as countries and corporations fight for economic dominion, with no remorse for those they harm or kill in order to obtain this ultimate power.

Sometimes a sociopath is the only hope for ensuring the emotional freedom of the world.

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