Emily Pilcher: Pilcher's Farm! - Free Kindle Fiction

Emily Pilcher: Pilcher's Farm!
by G J Duncan

It’s Emily Pilcher’s eighth birthday and as a special birthday treat Emily’s parents, the bumbling Mr and Mrs Pilcher, take her on a visit to her favourite place in the whole world; the zoo.

While at the zoo the Pilcher family meet the formidable head zookeeper Miss Yorktown, and the newfangled “AutoManagement, Feeding, Cleaning and Veterinary Console!” When the bonkers machine blows up, opening every door, gate and hatch in the zoo. The animals break out, creating havoc in the town centre.

Arriving late on the scene, PC Barnes teams up with Miss Yorktown to round up the animals – but they need help. As the zoo visitors panic and flee, it’s left to Emily and her parents to join PC Barnes and Miss Yorktown in a daring and incredible plan to return the animals to the zoo.

Things appear to be going to plan but when the animals are penned in the town square, Bertha, an old, tired and very grumpy rhinoceros takes exception and confronts Miss Yorktown. All hell breaks loose when the raging rhinoceros rams the zoo transport truck with her 31 inch horn and makes off - with Emily Pilcher at the wheel!

There follows an incredible chase with Mr and Mrs Pilcher, Miss Yorktown and PC Barnes in hot pursuit… Where will it end?

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