Dog Behavior and Owner Behavior - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Dog Behavior and Owner Behavior: Questions and Answers - Current Dog Problems and Solutions (Volume 1)
by Tim Carter 

Ever been wondering what other dog owners are struggling with, and how their dog problems are being solved? This is volume 1 of Dog Owner Questions Answered! The real-life daily dog problems and concerns of their owners: Current Dog Problems and Solutions, Questions and Answers. From the one-and-only Tim Carter. What do the current dog owners say? "It just works!"

Find out here if it solves your dog problems too. Why wouldn't it?

This is the first short book in a series of collections of actual visitor questions typed into the question box on Most entries are "dog problems" (which really often are owner problems). The website guests seek help with their dog. Those who leave their contact details, get a reply pretty quickly. Those who don't, get this booklet.

Each volume in this series is short and to the point. Volume 1 comprises questions on dog training, dog behavior, dog aggression, and other dog problems. Oh, and puppy training and puppy problems too! Depending on your reader feedback, the questions and answers in the volumes may be rearranged at some point (moving some questions and answers from one volume to another). We will see.

If you have sometimes dog problems as well, or you want to see what other dog owners are struggling with or doing with their dog to get the problems solved, then this small booklet may be just what you were looking for. All answers and solutions to the dog problems come from Tim Carter, founder of the largest breed authority site globally. If you've seen the thrilled reader feedback on any of his other books here, you know: "It just works!"

Again, this small book gives you state-of-the-art canine insight. If you don't have a dog, click away. If you have a dog, you may want to click the buy button at the top right now.

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