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Diet Recovery 2: Restoring Mind and Metabolism from Dieting, Weight Loss, Exercise, and Healthy Food 
by Matt Stone

Diet Recovery 2: Restoring Mind and Metabolism from Dieting, Weight Loss, Exercise, and Healthy Food is the ultimate guide to breaking free from the empty hunt for the perfect diet and the counterproductive pursuit of losing weight.

It's true, whether you are cutting carbs, or fats, or eating a vegetarian diet, or going Paleo, or eating a truckload of fiber - or even reducing your calorie intake... All of it has been proven ineffective in every weight loss study ever conducted. No matter what form of dietary restriction you impose upon yourself, your likelihood of not only regaining any weight lost in the initial 6-month diet honeymoon period, but actually ending up fatter than when you started, is a virtual guarantee.

Those that do manage to succeed with intentional weight reduction or harsh dietary restrictions are the people who often do the most damage! Dieting at a young age is not just a prominent risk factor for the development of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It's a huge risk factor for developing an eating disorder as well- the most common psychological disease that shaves 25 years off of one's life expectancy.

Needless to say, if you are already viewing a page about a book entitled Diet Recovery 2, you probably already know this and are looking to break free from repetitive dieting cycles
and the obsessive habit of micromanaging the details of your diet-of-the-month.
And that's what Diet Recovery 2 is meant to help you accomplish, once and for

Don't you miss just being able to eat and not think about it? Be able to go out
with friends or home for the holidays without worry and fear about what's going
to be served as if having gluten or refined sugar is on par with a game of
Russian Roulette?

When you are ready to let go, this can be your guide- vastly more freeing and
probably more effective because of it than the original version of the book.

Over the years one mantra has grown louder and louder...

"The Gods of Health are much kinder than you think they are." Being healthy is a lot easier than you are making it out to be.

Diet Recovery 2 really is a "health book" too. It contains a
foolproof and fully up-to-date strategy for restoring optimal metabolic rate
and overcoming the many health problems that can be caused by restrictive
eating and attempts at forced weight loss. Nothing, not even thyroid hormone
drugs, are likely to raise your metabolism to the extent that following this
general diet and lifestyle prescription will. And it's all very simple- just
the biggest results with the absolute smallest changes. No wagons to fall off
of. No rebellious splurges right around the next corner.

With the help of Diet Recovery 2, you should not only be able to overcome your
diet obsession and eat normally again, but you can also confidently expect to:

1. Raise your body temperature significantly- most returning to the normal 98.6
degrees F or above in just a few weeks

2. Become "fat proof," incapable of gaining body fat eating whatever
you want, in the quantity you desire, with or without exercise

3. See major health improvements in areas that were being impaired by the
metabolism-suppressing effect of restricted diets

4. Learn how to make small changes in your diet to function properly in such
areas as digestion, metabolism, sex drive and function, sleep, mood, dental
health, and others

5. Completely eliminate all strong cravings for any and every food 100% in just
a matter of weeks

6. Eradicate binge eating, emotional eating, and other behaviors only seen when
a person is consciously interfering with his or her food intake

7. Actually see improvements in how your body looks (more muscle, less fat,
better proportions) a year or two down the road from having fully completed the
diet recovery process

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