Deadly Peril in my Backyard - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Deadly Peril in my Backyard A Laugh or Death Situation! (My Funniest Books Good for a Laugh)
by Les Blythe 

Deadly backyard encounters, the stuff nightmares are made of! You won’t believe the deadly perils that lurk in my backyard, sometimes I try not to believe it myself!

Be prepared for a jaw dropping read in this, the second book in this hilarious series.

Your skin will truly crawl when you discover what awaits the unsuspecting visitor to my backyard. Be afraid – be very afraid!

This is the 2nd book in the Series – My Funniest Books Good for a Laugh.

You are about to discover a hilarious but informative story about South Africa, full of deadly deception written by a Scotsman living there!

This true story, written by a Scottish "Pommie" resident in Cape Town, will have you quietly giggling to yourself as he lays bare South African living as seen through the eyes of an outsider.

South Africans will immediately recognize themselves in the stories and anyone not familiar with the South African way of life is in for a real eye opener!

You'll gain a unique perspective on the lighter side of a country that is many times in the news for all the wrong reasons but retains a strong sense of self and a proud tradition.

A country that continues to offer a unique outdoor life style to those who were born here in this stunning place or have chosen to adopt it as home.

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