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Coconut Oil Nutrition Book - 30 Coconut Oil Recipes And 130 Applications For Weight Loss, Hair Loss, Beauty and Health (Coconut Oil Recipes, Lower Cholesterol, Hair Loss, Heart Disease, Diabetes)
by Patrick Smith

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods on planet Earth. Having done extensive research on its countless applications and effects, I today believe it to be essential to any healthy household. The benefits of coconuts have been known by the Tokelauan people for a thousand years. These islanders in the South Pacific get most of their daily nutrients from coconuts and thus consume more saturated fats than anyone else in the world. Yet they are built like Olympic athletes. Among them, heart disease, diabetes, allergies and other modern diseases of civilization are unheard of.

In the Coconut Oil Nutrition Book, you will tap into the secret of the Pacific islanders and learn how to use coconut oil to lower cholesterol, lower the risk of heart disease, reduce hair loss and lose weight simply by incorporating it into your diet.

Tap Into The Secret Of The Pacific

Here is a brief overview of what’s covered:
Why coconut oil is so beneficial
30 delicious coconut oil recipes for your health
130 applications of coconut oil other than cooking
Which type of coconut oil to buy and where to get it
How to use coconut oil to protect your hair and reduce hair loss
Why our ancestors didn't get heart disease or diabetes
Why the saturated fats of coconuts are good
Why most of our normal food is bad for us
A lot more!

I was introduced to coconuts and coconut oil by a Tokelauan man about 20 years ago. It was an epiphany in my life, as the secret of truly good nutrition was laid out in front of me. Back then, my family was overweight, and I was a chubby kid. Today, I'm a health coach and Kung Fu practitioner.

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