Breakup Survival - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Breakup Survival - Overcome The Post Breakup Trauma
by George Varghese 

The best gift you could ever give to someone going through breakup. This is an ultimate breakup recovery guide based on real life breakup experience.

As someone who was deeply and madly in love since the age of eighteen, made every possible decision in life in perfect accordance to marry the girl of my dream by Twenty Three but by fate had been at the receiving end of something brutally unexpected and unknown – Breakup, I have been a first-hand unfortunate beneficiary of post breakup trauma. After two years of grappling with a series of emotional and physical maladies ranging from mood swings, identity crisis, lack of trust, nightmares and heart aches, that day I did not cry or feel bad when my friend told my ex-girlfriend is getting married to someone (un) fortunate! I‘d been waiting so long for that day to come when I would boldly say ‘ It’s over’ and my heart no longer lingered over her thoughts. I continued being occupied in my daily chores even forsaking my friend’s message she is getting married but that night, as I looked into my life I realized, I’m over it’. Her thoughts are no more distressing to me and I no more miss her. My brain has faded memories about her. My journey to that level of emotional stability and mental maturity was orchestrated by a series of self-learnt lessons and unconditional support from friends and family.

Following my recovery, I had the privilege to counsel a bunch of my friends, their friends and hold their hands through the path of recovery. Few of them are happily married now, some rediscovered love, yet others are going strong in the path of recovery. Surprisingly, I saw the number of people encountering breakup growing not knowing how to deal with it.

Armed with my own personal breakup recovery experiences and capabilities from having the opportunity to deal with several real life stories of successful restoration made me think to write a book that would be a blessing and guide to every broken soul.

Post breakup trauma is like experiencing the pangs of death even while you are still alive. Break up sucks. It gives a terrible state of mind if you are at the receiving end and sometimes at the giving end too. Accepting an upright rejection from someone whom you thought would never reject you is the most heart breaking part of the whole episode. You are left alone in the beautiful journey you started to your desired haven. From being considered special until yesterday and being considered worthless today is much more than what our human minds can comprehend.

Breakup comes with uninvited states-of-mind, frightening memories, constant sense of danger, random mood swings, depression and it throws us into an unknown dizzy world. It’s got the potential to completely take you off the track in all aspects of life. More than the breakup, it’s the feeling that ‘How can my girlfriend (or boyfriend) do like that to me?’ that you would try to cope up with. Once gentle, always-helpful and lovable human being could be turned into a rebellious, arguing and introvert lad.

Breakup Survival – Overcome the Post-breakup Trauma is an in-depth analysis of breakup, signs of breakup, post break up crisis and practical steps on how to overcome breakup. It comes unexpected most of the times and even when the situations around you signals an impending breakup, your mind and heart would not be prepared to accept it. The trauma period comes with a string of strange and unexperienced feelings. This short book (guide I would wish to call) would also cover signs of breakup to help you prepare for it thereby alleviate the intensity of the after-effects. This book would take you through the common after-effects caused due to breakup though it varies greatly from person to person. The most helpful part for people trying to cope up with a separation would be the portion of the book, which covers steps to subdue the post-breakup trauma levels on your psychological and emotional self and gradually overcome it.

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