Botch Cassidy & the SunDunce Kid - Free Kindle Fiction

Botch Cassidy & the SunDunce Kid
by Thomas Davidson 


Six Exposés, Warnings, Essays, Reports & Stories (for connoisseurs of bad behavior). These pieces appeared in MudRock: Stories & Tales, All Things Crime, Booktrack, and my nightmares with a laugh track.

QUESTION: When does one officially become a connoisseur of bad behavior?

On the day following the weary realization that you cannot stop, reduce, or even put a dent into the rising tide of crude or criminal conduct. It's a global epidemic, a meltdown of good manners. A tsunami of terrible tantrums. And the tidal wave is roaring toward you. You are a sentinel on civilization's shore, arms raised, stamping your feet in the sand and screaming, "Stop the sh*t--behave!" Alas. Here comes a thundering 900-foot wall of water exploding with sharks, sea snakes, piranhas, barracuda, torpedo rays and crocodiles. Good luck.

Surf's up!

Yesterday you were appalled. Exhausted. Today you applaud bad behavior. Insert the letter "u" into the word "appalled," twist it around, it spells "applaud." Coincidence? Think of it this way: "You" + "appalled" = "applaud."

The transition from "moralist" to "connoisseur of the unrefined arts" is three easy steps--surrender, drop standards, clap. This slim volume is a standing ovation to bad behavior. The pieces include the godfather of bad behavior, an embittered Walmart greeter, telephone terrorism, Patty Hearst and Carl Jung, astral plane abductions, toilet bowl boosters, a miniature World War III, and…the world's only singing & dancing bank bandits.

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