Blood Abandon - Free Kindle Fiction

Blood Abandon (Donald Holley)
by Avery Stites

Introducing DONALD HOLLEY, an anti-hero for our times.

Donald Holley is a professional killer; brutal, efficient, organized and meticulous. In his mid-thirties, he has made a career out of contract assassination and information extraction. A hit man on top of his game, he always plays the odds smart, and plans everything in advance. Every action he has taken has been measured and paced.

Until the call came...

"Big brother, I've really screwed up this time...I hit the wrong place."

It seems Donald's little brother, Gerald "Bit" Holley, a two-bit criminal who never graduated beyond the small time, ripped off the wrong guys. Two million dollars in a strip-club safe? That's not lap dance money. There will be hell to pay...unless Donald steps in to save his little brother, quickly, and on the fly...which is not how he operates.

And doing so may just be his undoing...

BLOOD ABANDON is the tale of two blood brothers, men of violence with a shared hard past, who come together in the worst of situations. And as the threats become real, no one is safe...and the things you think you know you may just abandon in the end...

BLOOD ABANDON is the first story in the Donald Holley series, and the third work of fiction from author Avery Stites.

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