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Binded (The SHIELD Series)
by H.B. Jenkins

They are the oldest and most immortal of all vampires, the Lords and Kings, who make the law and punish those who break it. She is a Shield, nature's balance against vampires, able to drain all magic and power from a super natural creature by touch, making them feel temporarily human, a feeling some are addicted too.

Shields and vampires are natural enemies, so when she starts a casual relationship with the vampire king, and even marries him for a green card to the country it throws the world out of balance and into chaos. Now, she's back in town looking for a divorce, as she's gained her citizenship. But when the youngest prince begins to experience deliberating headaches that threaten his very existence whenever a Shield makes him human.

Can they figure out how to save his life? Or will the blood clot that almost killed him as a human take him down now that the Shields know his weakness? Will she sacrifice everything that she holds power over for her brother in law---for the love of her husband?

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