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Anger Management: Conquering Anger, Irritability and Frustration For Good 
by Mary Robinson

Pent up anxiety, frustration and off the charts irritability can have steam rolling out of your ears! EVERYBODY gets on your last nerve and none seems to know how to do anything right!

Before you blow your cool and tell your boss to do something with your job that you can't retract, find the solutions you need for effective anger management!

You're stuck in a 3-foot wide cubicle and the co-worker to the left is tapping his pen on the desk. The co-worker to the right is sharing a loud and obnoxious joke with the guy across the hall. Learn better ways to handle the stress and anger of this situation BEFORE you do something that might make CNN Breaking News, although it might be interesting to see how high your office chair bounces from three floors up!

Uncontrolled anger can cost you a job, your health or a valued relationship.

No one wants to be around the "angry guy."

Your little girl runs through the kitchen with a glass of milk, slips and the drink spills all over the floor. You have a spliting headache, the dog did his business on the carpet and the phone keeps ringing non-stop. You suddenly start screaming and your daughter starts crying, scared by your sudden outburst of anger. You spend the rest of the day dealing with overwhelming guilt.

There IS a better way...

All Of The Secrets Can Be Yours To:
Reduce stress
Get control of frustration and anger
Increase happiness
Create calm in any storm
Change your outlook
Reduce negative thinking

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