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7 Myths and Seven Tricks in Nine Steps:The truth & tricks about learning course product creation that THEY don't know 
by Paul Benson and Glen Ford 

The gurus are lying to you.
Myths aren't just for the ancient Romans and Greeks. In the age of the internet, there are many myths associated with creating and selling self-help and similar learning content products. Many of these myths are repeated by major 'gurus' of the industry - despite the eventual destruction they can cause to your business.

Don't let myths sink your online business
Let's face some facts here. Running an online business is not easy. An online business startup will fail 99% of the time. Do you want to succeed? It's hard enough to survive without people telling you to try things that won't work. Or worse, myths that will actually cause you to fail. If your business is based on writing a book or any form of training design and presentation, you will hear these myths repeated over and over by gurus that don't actually do the work.

Do you want to know the truth?

Revealed - the myths and the truth

In this book, you'll discover

  • seven of the major myths that could sink your efforts at creating and selling information products such as seminars, webinars, podcasts, blogs, keynote speeches, and yes, books and eBooks on Kindle and Amazon.
  • You'll also discover seven important tricks that you need to understand in order to succeed in creating and selling self-help products.
  • And you'll be introduced to a system that will help you create training courses, books and other learning content products that you can sell.
  • Whether your business is based on selling seminars, or writing nonfiction books for Kindle and Amazon, you need the information in this book.  If you are going to be writing a book you need to read this book first.


includes a bonus chapter on the myths of eBook publishing on the Kindle and other platforms

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